Frequently asked questions

How do Swiftcom Technology assist with licensing?
Yes, Swiftcom Technology do help you to apply IDA licensing if it’s your first time using walkie talkie. We will also program your new/ existing walkie talkie handset to work together.

How long is your warranty for Walkie Talkie?
We provide up to one year warranty for each Walkie Talkie.
What is the difference between UHF and VHF?

UHF or (Ultra High Frequencies) is better able to penetrate better obstacles such as steels and concretes. UHF walkie talkie are typically used in urban built-up areas fro two way-communications. VHF or (Very High Frequencies) is more suited to distance or open area operations such as offshore at sea for vessel to vessel or shore to vessel.

What is range of walkie talkie?
The range of walkie talkie entirely depends on where they used and whether there are obstruction like hills, buildings between them. All walkie talkie are capable of working over several kilometers provided there is good line of sight but the range will be reduced by any obstructions.

How do Walkie Talkie work? Are they like mobile phones?
The way that Walkie Talkie work is very simple. You take two(or more) radios, set them to the same frequency and channel, and you can communicate with each other by pressing the Transmit or PTT(Push To Talk) button when you speak, and releasing it when youw ant to listen. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees to pay.

How many walkie talkie can talk to one another?
The minimum number is two and there is no maximum limit. Provided the walkie talkies are within range of one another plus all are using the same channel and set to teh same frequency.

Is there warranty for accessories?
As for Bluetooth, We provide six months warranty in terms of one to one exchange and against manufacuring defects. As for earpiece, we do not provide any warranty due to it is a personal usage.

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