Swiftcom has been constantly updating with the latest technology and trying to understand clients requirements on their communication equipment. We have been selectively on the manufacturer in order to produce the best digital and analog portable walkie talkie or radio and accessories that meet clients requirement – price and quality. Therefore we are confident with our own products.

  • Swiftcom SC-12 License Free Walkie Talkie

    Swiftcom SC-12 is an analogue License Free Walkie Talkie that gives you a good coverage area and sound quality. It uses 1200mAh LIthium Ion battery that can last you up to 12 hours and with LCD display, you are able to know the battery level and which channels are you using.

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  • Swiftcom SC-1410 Ultra Thin License Free Walkie Talkie

    Ultra Thin License Free Walkie Talkie

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  • Swiftcom SC-309D MCR (Multi Channel Radio) DPMR Digital and Analog Walkie Talkie

    Swiftcom SC-309D is the latest DPMR Digital and Analog Multi Channels Radio (MCR) that uses 2200Mah Lithium Ion Battery which will last you up to 22 hour. It can communicate between Digital and Analog without switching the channels. With the LCD Screen, allow you to know the battery level, Which channels are you using and knowing which radios are communicating. Nonetheless, it can also do Group Call and Individual call.

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