SWIFTCOM SC_680D beautifully build in with Hidden LED Light that allow user to identify the channels and signals that they are using.


SWIFTCOM SC-680D the DMR Digital and Analog with IP67 waterproof walkie talkie. It nicely build with Shatterproof LED screen hidden behind the radio that could help to avoid screen crack and to identify channels information easily. With one radio, you will be able to store up to 198 channels capacity. It come with 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery which will last you up to 25 hours (Digital Mode). It provide clearer voice communication in digital mode through out the coverage area with the built in 1 watt audio output and AMBE+2 Sound Technology that gives you a clearer and loud voice quality which is suitable to use in an noisy environment such as construction or concert. It is compatible with any brand that meet DMR TIER I and TIER II requirement with DIRECT Mode.


Frequency Range: 435 – 470Mhz
Number of Channels: 198
Battery Life (5-5-90 duty) – Digital Mode: 25 hours, Analog Mode: 18 hours (W/Saver)

Additional Features:

* 198 channel capacity
* DMR I and TIER II / TDMA Digital Technology
* Direct Mode
* IP67 Waterproof
* Enhanced Encryption

Package come with:

* Handset
* 2200mAh Lithium Ion Battery
* Desktop and AC Adaptor
* Antenna
* Belt Clip

PS: Please note SWIFTCOM SC-680D is a 5 watts output power radio and is a regulation for all users in SINGAPORE you are required to apply for iMDA Private Network License with a minimum purchase of 5 pieces walkie talkie for 1 frequency with yearly renewal of $421.00 include 7% GST.