Splash-proof Hand Grip Type Megaphones with optional Siren or Whistle.


Compact splash proof megaphone with 6 Watts rated output with optional Siren or Whistle. It feature the IPX5 water jet resistant design. Siren or Whistle feature are to alerting the people surrounding for emergency situation.


Power Source: R6P (AA) x 6 (9V DC) or R6P (AA) x 4 (6V DC)

Rated Output: 6W

Maximum Output: 10W

Battery life as below:-

Voice: Approximately 8 hours (JEITA)*

Siren /  Whistle: Appoximately 20 minutes (JEITA)*

Audible Range (City Areas) as below: –

Voice: Approximately 250m (JEITA)*

Siren / Whistle: Approximately 315m (JEITA)*

Diaphragm: Polyimide Film

Water Protection: IPX5

Operating Temperature: -10C to +40C

Dimensions (W x H x D): 154 x 266 x 250mm

Weight as below:-

ER1206: 680g (without batteries)

ER1206S/W:680g (without batteries)

* JEITA: Japan electronics and information technology industries association