• ATEX Zone 2 / Division 2 Smartphone: The new Smart-Ex® 201 for Zone 2 / Division 2

    Worker safety with Smart-EX 201

    An ultra-rugged, unlocked, LTE / WIFI/ Android smartphone, the Smart-EX 201 comes with unrivalled features:

    • Such as a touch screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight and easily used with dirty or wet work gloves.
    • An extremely loud speaker, noise cancellation, powerful battery, water and drop resistance and an optional 3 years Service Level Agreement are just some features of the Smart-Ex 201 that provide peace of mind to enterprises and worker alike.
    • Access to productivity applications and worker safety and as well as a full suite of industrial grade accessories completes the solution.
    • Unlocked and SIM free – allowing connection to any network worldwide.
    • 9th generation of IS mobile phones (reliability track record)
    • Quality conducted in Germany based on almost 30 years experience in the EX-market.

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  • Explosion proof feature phone: The new Ex-Handy 209 for Zone 2 / Division 2

    Intrinsically Safe feature phone Ex-Handy 209 for Xone 2 / 22 and Class 1 / Div 2.

    Provides a range of functions like:

    • Shock / Vibration Resistant
    • Temperature Resistant
    • Resistant to extreme presssure
    • Puncture Resistant
    • Resistant to oils and chemicals
    • Optional Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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  • H375i MH46117 1830mAh Lithium Ion Battery

    Model No: H375i MH46117

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  • H375i-4MUC Multi Unit Charger

    Model No: h375i-4MUC

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  • HIYUNTON H280 Analog Walkie Talkie for RENT

    Is definitely your best choice of walkie talkie that you want to rent.

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  • HYT BL1204 1200mAh Lithium Ion Battery

    1200mAh Lithium Ion Battery

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  • HYT BL1703 1700mAh Lithium Ion Battery

    1700mAh Lithium Ion Battery

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  • HYTERA BL2006 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery

    2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery

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  • Intrinsically safe 4G/LTE feature phone: The new Ex-Handy 09 for Zone 1 / Division 1

    Intrinsically Safe feature phone Ex-Handy 09 for Zone 1 / 21 and class 1 / Div 1, 9th generation of the most reliable and most widely used intrinsically safe mobile phone.

    • Simlock free
    • 4G / LTE Cellular network connectivity
    • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
    • IP68 – Shock and vibration resistant, temperature resistant, resistant to extreme pressure and resistant to oils and chemicals
    • PTT & LWP function (app solution)
    • Optional Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • MDM & Google Play Store certified

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