How do Swiftcom Technology assist with licensing?

Yes, if you're buying License / business walkie talkie and do not have existing license frequency from local authority, SWIFTCOM Technology is able to assist to submit the License frequency application. Do email us for more details.

How long is your warranty for Walkie Talkie?

* Device come with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

* Rechargeable Battery, Desktop charger and AC Adaptor come with 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects

* No warranty for earpiece with ptt button, antenna, belt clip, cosmetics

* Warranty void if the device is corroded and tampered by unauthorised personnel or service center.

What is range of walkie talkie?

The License/Business or License Free walkie talkie coverage area depending on the terrain and environment at the point of usage.

The PoC (Push To Talk over Cellular) Walkie Talkie coverage area depending on the local telco network or WIFI coverage.

How do Walkie Talkie work? Are they like mobile phones?

The way that walkie talkie work is very simple, by pressing the PTT (Push To talk) Button when you want to talk and release the PTT button when you're done talking. Do not need to press the PTT button if you want to listen to the conversation.

License Free walkie talkie - No License Fee is required.
License / business walkie talkie / Base Station / Repeater- required to apply for the frequency from local authority and subject to annual fee.
PoC (Push To Talk over Cellular) walkie talkie - Subscription License Key is required.

How many walkie talkie can talk to one another?

The minimum number of walkie talkie is two pieces and there is no maximum limit as long as they are on the same channel or frequency and within the reachable range.

Is there warranty for accessories?

All the accessories are checked before delivery. Therefore no warranty for accessories.

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