Traditional Walkie-talkie System

It utilizes a centralized base station communication structure

After the rise of urban architecture, signal transmission will be interrupted

Next Generation Professional Wireless
Two-Way Radio Solution

It utilizes a distributed communication structure


Introducing EVERTAC, founded in 2003, a professional wireless two-way radio solution and intelligent hardware provider as well as service provider for data and system security.

Dealing with complex challenges calmly, lets you focus on core business development and mission.

Focusing on city construction professional two-way radio solution, EVERTAC developed our products for 19 years. We have provided our leading intelligent wireless two-way radio solution to over 1500 TOP 1 companies and government organizations in commercial building, city traffic, chemical industries. Our solution achieves efficient and secure communication and data distribution in all scenes. We ensure that our clients complete important and critical missions. They will be able to focus on their key operation services and have stronger competitiveness.


We provide more convenient and efficient
communication environment for city operations

The operation team of Shanghai Tower relies on our solution to provide exclusive and thoughtful services and safety guarantee to all guests


Help overcome huge operation challenges
at critical moment

The security team of Hongqiao National Exhibition and Convention Center uses our solution and service to handle the big traffic in the peak time


We are powerful backing for
every brave resecure operations

Wired network and telecom base station destroyed in the disaster. Our system becomes the last communication guarantee, and send clear information from the front to the entire resecure team


Send clear and reliable commands
to critical positions

Covestro uses our system to send operation commands rapidly for smooth onsite installation tasks

Our Efforts

Establish smooth and efficient communication, and makes the teamwork better.

The 3rd Generation Two-way radio Solution fulfilling different operation Needs


Core component:
Base station, Repeater, RU, Two-way radio, Operation platform


Digital/analog system adapt to system requirements of different scales


OTA intelligent hardware and software updates

Enhance your controlling power of operation


Intelligent hardware with voice, touch screen, data transmission functions. Easy to use.


NetFLEX platform service, Visualized operation management and intelligent devices management. Brings you a management experience with high efficiency

Your System Always Up to Date
More reasonable investment, fulfill your future development needs.


System Design




Delivering as One


Operation Guarantee

With proprietary technology, our system will keep growing


Safe and reliable Products


Stable product Quality


Outstanding product experience

Provide you with leading industrial value

Involved in the design, formulate, and compile industrial standards
Customers have the advantage of using leading technology all the time

Digital professional communication Product

Using a total solution, customers will be able to focus on their operations,
instead of dealing with different vendors and brands

DMR Smart Digital Channel Repeater

  • Infinite wisdom, borderless communication
  • Digital intelligent base station
  • Provide 24/7 real-time communication guarantee

Smart LT Optical-fiber RU

  • Smaller, easy deployment, remote control


  • Let the deployment and expansion of indoor communication system super flexible and efficient

Smart Ultra-thin Antenna

  • Visual status, strong protection, management platform
  • Provide real-time positioning and online inspection functions Via Bluetooth

DMR/4G Dual-Mode Smart Digital

  • Dual mode, one button
  • Smart walkie talkie devices make the team focus more on their job tasks. We redefined the digital walkie talkie for building communication. It becomes smaller and smarter, strong and durable.
  • As a part of DistriNET, the walkie talkie can fully utilize it advantage for communication tasks.


  • Manage and monitor battery more effective

Connect all communication zones via Smart LT RU

Comparing to traditional system, all components of DistriNETTM provide the flexibility of integrations and the capability of data sharing. Smart LT Repeater can be easily deployed for the combination of optical-fiber and RF. Connecting all zones rapidly and create a seamless roaming environment.

Smart LT centered coverage can quickly distribute the signal from base station to target area. Cross floors and buildings, ground and underground, building a huge and seamless communication network.


Nest RSM
Resources Management



  • A cloud-base operation platform.
  • Providing information to management, service, and device sides. Use different views to manage and operate DistriNET, let operation departments focus on any tasks.
  • Nuts Operation Tool
  • Centre Work Top Operation Dashboard
  • Netflex (Cloud-base operations platform)
  • Gateway
  • DistriNet (Digital professional two-way radio distribution system

Centre Work
Top Operation Dashboard

  • Notification handling
  • Notification details
  • Map Location

Nuts Operation Tool

  • It covers Notification Management, Workflow Processing Onsite Task Photo Uploading
  • Push notification, rapid response
  • Devide information, trouble shooting
  • Map navigating, fault location
  • Service tracking, clear SOP