Swiftcom BTPTT Bluetooth Push to Talk Button

Swiftcom BTPTT


Conventional walkie talkie handset would required you to press the PTT (Push To Talk) button on the handset in order to transmit your message to other party or alternatively you may attach wired earpiece with PTT button. It might cause you very inconvenient to work because of the wiring or cause danger to you while you driving.

Bluetooth Push To Talk button aka BTPTT allow you to connect to your handset or phone via bluetooth technology. With BTPTT, you will no longer required to attached wired earpiece or holding the handset to press the PTT. It allow you to GO WIRELESS!

You can pair the handset with any brand of bluetooth headset with our BTPTT device.

Model No: Swiftcom BTPTT

Suitable for model no:


TK1000 and TK2000


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