Swiftcom SC-1410 Ultra Thin License Free Walkie Talkie

Ultra Thin License Free Walkie Talkie


Swiftcom SC-1410 is the latest license free walkie talkie which is ULTRA THIN for you to carry around without noticing it. It come with 1500mAh Li-ion battery that can last you up to 15 hours. It come with 2 different PTT buttons at the side or from the beautifully design breathing light PTT button. The breathing light easily allows you identify if the walkie talkie is either transmitting or receiving. No other settings or intense training required to operate this handset. Just turn it on and you can start communicating with each other.

Great news is  you don’t have to worry about the battery charging. The traditional way of charging uses desktop charger only but this Swiftcom SC-1410 has a new way of charging by using micro USB to charge the battery. Therefore you can easily charge your battery inside your car, power bank or using any micro usb adaptor that you have with you.

Package come with: Handset, 1500mAh Li-Ion battery, belt clip, Micro USB and USB Adaptor and lanyard.

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