SWIFTCOM SC-2402 Wireless Audio Tour Guide System


Wireless Tour Guide System

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SWIFTCOM SC-2402 Wireless Tour Guide System is an ideal solutions to enhance communication between tour guides and tour group members. It uses UHF frequencies with 2.4 Ghz that able to achieve estimated 180m distance, even with walls.

Specifications of our wireless tour guide system:

  • Wireless transmission
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight, handy & Portable
  • Long-lasting & rechargeable battery
  • Clear and wide reception range

The wireless tour guide system is suitable for:

  • Tour Guide
  • Haji & Umrah
  • Factory visits
  • Press Conferences
  • Break-up sessions
  • Focus group discussions
  • And etc

How the System Works
1. The wireless tour guide system is able to have up to 50 groups at the same time without interference. NO LIMIT on the number of receivers. The setup is simple as it just needs to have both transmitter and receive to be in same channel.
2. The Speaker’s voice (also called the floor language) will transmit from the wireless transmitter to the receivers.
3. The transmitter machine can support duplex communication that all 2 Tour Guides in the group to communicate with each other and receiver will only receive.

Single Duplex Transmitter


DUO Transmitter (Duplex)